10th International scientific conference: bridges of media education 2018 (BME 2018)

BRIDGES OF MEDIA EDUCATION. 10th Intl scientific conf

Evento arancelado

Modalidad:  presencial

Fecha: 14 y 15 de septiembre de 2018

Lugar:  Novi Sad, Serbia

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Más información:

Celebrating its tenth edition The Bridges of Media Education aims at gathering researchers from the Western Balkans region and from Europe in exchange of scientific knowledge and experience. Thematically oriented towards regional challenges and questions brought by digital technologies, the conference enables discussions about global processes in the light of local specificities.

The themes of the conference in 2018 are:

  1. Public broadcasting services in the context of new media
  2. Minority groups, migrants and digital communication
  3. Journalism, media practices and social networking sites
  4. Fake news and media literacy for hybrid media systems
  5. Audiences engagement: creation, curation and co-option

Working language of the conference is English.