Building forward better: African library partnerships for inclusive information and education towards agendas 2030 and 2063

Federación Internacional de Asociaciones e Instituciones Bibliotecarias (IFLA)

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Modalidad: en línea

Organizado por: International Federation of Library Associations and Institucions (IFLA)

Fecha: 25 de febrero de 2022

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The IFLA Sub-Saharan African Regional Division Committee (IFLA SSA RDC) is inviting you to a live Panel Discussion under the theme “Building forward better: Africa library partnerships for inclusive information and education towards Agendas 2030 and 2063”. This Panel Discussion is organised in the context of the UN Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development.

Libraries are trusted providers of information, and spaces for research, skills formation and community development, contributing to progress across the SDGs, as highlighted by the recent UN Public Service Award to the Ghana Library Service. They bring unique contributions to partnerships.

IFLA works to bring about a united global library field powering literate, informed and participatory societies. It focuses strongly on the SDGs as a framework for structuring and maximising the positive impact of libraries on societies, and building awareness and partnerships. IFLA’s SSA RDC plays a vital role in building capacity for learning and defining regional action plans and local advocacy priorities that respond to Africa’s needs, with reference also to the 2063 Agenda. It emphasizes the transformational role that information and informed societies can play in accelerating achievement of the SDGs in Africa.

In this Panel Discussion speakers from inside and outside of the library field, across Africa, will first identify development challenges created or intensified by COVID-19, and explore how partnerships involving libraries have helped provide innovative and effective responses. The Panel Discussion will be moderated by Victoria Okojie.

Responding to a series of questions, panellists will share lessons and insights about the unique potential of partnering with libraries, and what is needed to unlock this. The floor will be open to participants to contribute their insights and ask questions.

Join us in this Panel Discussion to be held from 14:00 to 15:30 UTC (see what time this is for you) on 25 February 2022.