The information behaviour conference (ISIC 2018)

The information behaviour conference (ISIC 2018)

Evento arancelado

Modalidad:  presencial

Organizado por:  Jagiellonian University

Fecha: 9 al 11 de octubre de 2018

Lugar:  Cracovia, Polonia

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Más información:

The ISIC conferences have a reputation for being an arena for discussing challenging work concerning people’s contextualised interactions with information of various kinds. Already the first conference 1996 in Tampere, Finland, constructed a platform for development within the field and community for researchers. The history of the ISIC conferences includes high quality papers, theoretical developments as well as a wide range of interesting empirical phenomena in all possible contexts.

The history of the ISIC conferences has reflected the multidisciplinary and ever-evolving scope: researchers from information science, information studies, library studies, communication studies, information management, education, management science, psychology, social psychology, sociology, STS, information systems, computer science, and other disciplines contribute to the research field. A common thread is the focus on contextualised information activities, expressed in different framings such as ‘information behaviour’, ‘information practice’, ‘information seeking’, ‘information experience’ and others.

ISIC 2018 intends to reflect and engage with the interdisciplinary character of information research and seeks to attract papers from all of these areas. ISIC is a conference for research papers exploring information as a rich site of study, going beyond the sole focus on technological aspects and exploring a wide variety of contexts. This legacy is borne out in the publication of the conference proceedings since the first conference in the series over 20 years ago.