13th International conference on medical librarianship (EAHIL 2018)

Evento arancelado

Modalidad:  presencial

Organizado por:  European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL)

Fecha: 9 al 13 de julio de 2018

Lugar:  Cardiff, Gales, Reino Unido

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We should all be able to access accurate and clear health information throughout our lifetime. Information professionals are in an ideal place to help demystify and break down barriers to knowledge for the public. This approach is fundamental to empowering each and every one of us as we take control of and improve our own health and wellbeing.
Organisations providing health information and health care are many and various. To a lay person needing to find out about an illness, disease or medical condition these organisations can sometimes feel complex, remote, impenetrable and even threatening at a time when they need to be most accessible. Collaboration and partnerships between health libraries and other sectors (i.e. public libraries) are essential in our outreach to public groups which are difficult to reach.
Bibliotherapy and the ‘Books on Prescription Scheme’, launched in Cardiff, is one proven example of good practice within this area. Key note speaker Neil Frude will be sharing more details about this at the conference.
Has your work made a difference to people’s lives? Do you have an active partnership that has made a difference in a community you serve? Share with us the learning outcomes, impacts and results of the work you have been involved in.