3rd International conference Communicating science in a changing world

3rd International conference Communicating science in a changing world

Evento arancelado

Modalidad:  presencial

Organizado por:  University of Beira Interior

Fecha: 18 y 19 de octubre de 2018

Lugar:  Covilhã, Portugal

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Más información:

The 3rd conference Communicating Science in a Changing World is set up to the 18th and 19th of October, 2018 at UBI, Portugal. Directed to researchers, scientists, journalists, students and librarians, this conference gathers experts from Sciences and Humanities to reflect on the sense and status of Science Communication in a Global and changing environment. Communicating ongoing research, and research results, is a rich and multi-layered activity covering several areas not commonly associated with,
• Research ethics
• Publication integrity
• Public knowledge of science
• Fake news
• Media literacy
• Research and Higher Education policies
• R&D evaluation and funding
• Political and economical agendas
• Epistemological worldviews
• Science policies
• Public and political deliberation

Echoing these thematic lines, this year’s conference will develop along four main symposia: Academic Publication, Slow Science, Science in the Media, and Women in Science. This division covers science communication among peers; epistemological reflection on the scope and meaning of current trends in science and science policies; public communication of science; and the actual, perceived and future role of women in the collective undertake science is.