Post-pandemic staff development and training: how can we best support it?

Post-pandemic staff development and training: how can we best support it?

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Modalidad:  en línea

Organizado por:  Library 2.0

Fecha: 30 de julio de 2021

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A 60-minute training webinar presented by Library 2.0 and hosted by library consultant and “T is for Training” podcast host Maurice Coleman.

March 2020 started the longest fifteen months imaginable. The pandemic forced a new way of thinking about and delivering library services, and it has forced libraries of all sizes and types to adapt to new ways to care for our staff and the public. By closing our physical spaces, it actually freed up staff time. Many of us rolled out ad hoc training programs to keep staff occupied and engaged while library facilities were closed to the public. This happened in every library from the small rural library to larger city and county library systems.

Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, we are in a changing world and your own library likely reflects those changes–maybe you have a relaxed dress code, or increased liberal leave, or relaxed fine policies. What we now also need is a real post-pandemic training plan. Haphazard training programs worked during the pandemic because we were all working without a safety net in uncharted waters. Now that we have emerged on the other side, how do we support learning in the post-pandemic library?

This webinar will show you how to create and support smart staff development programs as if your library depends on them–which it does! Also, the program will share some common mistakes made when developing training programs so you can avoid them.